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Welcome to THOR Agency

THOR Agency is a Multi-Platform business applying the same level of commitment to quality across the board. Our specializations are in the areas of Risk Management, Travel and Real Property Marketing. All our agents are professional and responsive. You will be afforded with the best customer service, the kind of service that will impress you and gain your trust.

Time and time again, we have managed to earn the confidence of our clients. It is also for this reason that our company is repeatedly recommended thus attributing to the fast growth of our business. While we may be predominantly serving residents in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our services span a wider scope breaking geographical barriers and exceeding customer expectations. THOR Agency is capable of providing insurance policies, travel solutions and real estate services for clients all over the nation. Feel free to call us for your inquiries – 763-432-3077.


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Our Mission

THOR Agency shall be committed to the utmost quality in customer care and relations as we provide insurance, travel and real estate services to a highly diverse clientele.



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